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Good evening Yuri ❤️


I will never thank you enough for the precious support that you provided over the last weeks 🙏😊❤️


I felt so anxious about my upcoming move and I didn't know where to begin.


Thank you for helping me discard all these mountains of things, starting with my multitude of clothes 👚 (I was able to go from 21 to 7 pairs of jeans, what a relief!), my beauty products and of course my books 📚 which I never imagined I could part with...


Thanks to you and the KonMari method, even though it was very difficult at times, I am so proud of the journey that I achieved with you 🙏📦📦📦


Thank you for your gentleness and above all for your necessary firmness so that I finally turned the corner and set myself on the path to harmony...


The big day today has allowed me to feel so much lighter and to free myself of this material and mental pollution 🙏

Thanks to sorting komono and sentimental items, today I reunited with very precious items that I thought I had lost 🙏❤️ I'm sending you a photo of the figurine of the rock cave at Lourdes as an example of the surprise discoveries in my boxes 🥰


You sparked the mindset shift that I've been needing for so many years and above all you allowed me to stop feeling guilty because, indeed, I have learned my lesson by seeing the mountain of things of each category on my bed 🙈


Thank you so much 🙏

figurine Grotte Lourdes
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