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Tidying is a skill like any other: you can learn it

A common response when I tell people that I'm a tidying consultant is "you're Japanese, tidying is in your genes". Except it isn't.

I only learned to tidy in my early 30s upon discovering the KonMari method. Up until then, I had largely given up on having a tidy home. I tried different tips, trips and hacks, but nothing stuck. The only time home home looked tidy was after moving into a bigger flat because I had more storage space, i.e. places to hide my things.

I felt powerless before all my possessions. I was uncomfortable in my own home but didn't know what to do about it, desperately incapable of tidying...

It's normal to not know how to tidy

The is no shame in not knowing how to tidy. We are rarely taught how!

As a child, your parents surely tasked you to tidy your room. But did they actually teach you how to discern joy-sparking items from clutter? Or how to store things in a way that makes it natural to put them away? Was tidying your room a chore, even a form of punishment?

KonMari clothes folding
were you ever taught how to fold your clothes?

In discovering the KonMari method in 2016, I felt a huge relief because I learned that 1) tidying is a skill and 2) you can learn it. Just like we aren't born knowing how to play the piano or ride a bicycle, it's normal to not "naturally" know how to tidy.

How to build your tidying skill: knowing versus doing

In the pursuit of a clutter-free and harmonious living space, many people turn to resources like "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo for guidance. While books and videos offer valuable knowledge and inspiration, there's a significant gap between learning about tidying and actually tidying your home.

Say you want to master the piano. Firstly, no matter how much someone might push you, you can't magically play a concerto if you never learned how. Once you decide to learn, you can read books, watch instructional videos, and follow inspirational pianists on social media to build your knowledge. But true proficiency only comes from hands-on experience.

The good news is that there are certified teachers who can guide you on your tidying journey.

5 things I do as a tidying consultant

Like a piano teacher who accompanies their students through the intricacies of music theory and technique, as a tidying consultant I use my expertise and experience to help you navigate your tidying journey with confidence.

But just as the role of a piano teacher isn't to play the piano on your behalf, my objective is to empower you to tidy, not tidy for you. At the end of our time together, not only will you have decluttered your physical space but also transformed your relationship with your belongings, your home, and yourself. You will have activated the life-changing magic of tidying up.

tidy kitchen

Here are five ways I help you through the tidying process:

  1. Certified expertise: I have deep knowledge of tidying, specifically the KonMari approach in which I am certified. I teach you the method and explain the reason why we do things in a specific way. I show you practical techniques such as folding, maximising storage space, and maintaining tidy habits. I also have personal experience and client experience to draw from as I teach and guide you.

  2. Personalised guidance: Unlike a book, I provide guidance tailored to your specific needs and challenges. Using the KonMari method as a basis, I help you tidy in a way that makes sense for you. After all, radical minimalism is not for everybody (it's certainly not for me!) but tidying can be. Show me your tidying trouble-spots and we will trouble-shoot.

  3. Real-time support: Whether you're struggling with decision-making or applying organising techniques, I am available to provide clarity. For example, the KonMari method encourages us to keep items that spark joy, but this concept can be unclear, especially when you are starting out. I propose guiding questions and practical exercises to help you grasp this approach. Even between sessions, all my one-on-one clients get unlimited support via WhatsApp.

  4. Motivation and accountability: Tidying can daunting and it's so easy to lose motivation or become overwhelmed, especially if you are on your own. My presence ensures that you stay on track and committed to achieving your tidying goals.

  5. Efficiency and effectiveness: Time is a valuable resource, so why not maximise efficiency and effectiveness? No more trial and error; I will teach you a tidying method that actually works and answer all your questions. No more wondering whether a specific organising solution will work; I have probably seen it before and can tell you. No more putting off tidying; I help you implement the simplest, most functional, sustainable solutions that work for you.

Are you ready to embark on a joy-filled journey to transform your home and your life?

I'm here to guide you every step of the way.


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