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Tokimeki Discovery Pack

Get started with Japanese tidying and the KonMari method

livres Marie Kondo

✨ You want to tidy but don't know where to begin.

✨ You dream of a space that reflects who you are and sparks joy every day.

✨ You're curious to try the famous KonMari (Marie Kondo) method but don't want to become a minimalist.

Then this pack is for you!

A certified KonMari consultant will explain the basics, give you an individual tidying lesson, and prepare a customised booklet to launch your tidying journey. Get ready to spark joy!

The Tokimeki Discovery Pack is composed of:

  1. Introduction to Japanese tidying (45 minutes)

    A webinar to discover the principles of Japanese tidying and do a visualisation exercise.

  2. Individual tidying lesson (1.5 hours)

    A 3-hour lesson in-person* or online to learn tidying techniques, including clothes folding.

  3. Customised tidying booklet

    A practical guide and personalised advice to accompany you to tidy your space.

Total value of the offer: 300 Euros

Special offer: 249 Euros

*in France, within 35 km of Saint-Julien-en-Genevois or as agreed (contact me to ask).

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