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I called Yuri at a decisive moment in my professional and personal life. Even though I am not disorganised or have a tendency to accumulate many things, I had the urge to turn a page and create some space, both physical and mental. Living in a very open flat with no enclosed rooms – a loft – this was not an easy task.


1. Once I started, I couldn't stop


Our first session started with my off-season clothes. By applying the KonMari method, I quickly realised that some items no longer provoked the same emotions or the same feeling of joy, and I was able to let go of them calmly and quite quickly; they had fulfilled their role. I also realised that I kept some clothes, or "paid rent for them" as Yuri says, simple because of the brandname, even though I no longer wore them. They had become a weight for me and I did not know how to discard them without "honouring" them. Yuri suggested some good options to do them justice and pass them on for others to enjoy. From then onwards, the positive spiral began: when I opened my storage spaces, even in Yuri's absence, I took everything out and started the joy-checking process again. And then again, and again and again, until I was satisfied. Opening my wardrobes, I felt like I was in a shop!


2. Creating space at home allows us to create mental space


Thanks to Yuri's support, I was able not only to reorganise and truly value certain items, but also to create extra space in my flat where everything is so exposed. All this without having to be minimalist! Here's an anecdote: when we were going through my folders and administrative documents (I hate admin), we found a supermarket receipt from 10 years was a real shock, as I consider myself organised! This made me realise that we made the right choice to dig all this up. I emptied a lot of files and folders and today I feel calm when I handle admin matters. I was able to physically tidy, but also mentally, I let go of what no longer brought joy and this allowed me to create the necessary space to welcome new things and adventures, or to simply enjoy empty space without feeling the need to fill it. Being surrounded by what we love, making space for new things and memories, is a fundamental part of our wellbeing!


3. A long-term investment


Often, when we launch ourselves into a tidying process like the one offered by atelier tokimeki, we tend to think that it will only be a "phase" and that in a couple of months "everything will go back to the way it was before". In my sessions with Yuri, I learned that the truth is completely different: by dedicating a place for each item and keeping the "sparking joy" mantra in mind, we change our way of seeing our living space. Each object acquires its own legitimate place in our home and it becomes easy to put it back after we use it. This changed my approach to tidying and allowed me to save a lot of time. This means that beyond the enriching sessions, we acquire a new way of thinking and this is for the long-term.


Based on my personal experience, I fully recommend working with Yuri! Her patience, her gentleness (all while being firm), her discretion and her passion for her job will only motivate you to turn your living space into a haven of wellbeing.

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