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“There is no way that I can get rid of this.”


“I feel bad if I throw this one away.”


“No, I have to keep them.”


Because of these thoughts, I kept piling up so many items….very sentimental items.


In October 2021, my family decided to move from California to Texas. As I was preparing for the big move, I decided that I would get rid of as many items as I could and strive for a minimalist style. That was a big aspiration and I was not anywhere near a “minimalist” version of myself.


Every time I tried to get rid of items, I had a strong resistance to letting them go


I had heard of the KonMari method and my heart was calling to use this method to prepare our move. This is when I got help from Yuri and I am so thankful to her.


She provided me with a guide and I followed the steps. The biggest take-away that I got from this method and the process of moving was that “letting things go does not mean I lose things”.


Having two daughters, I collected so many “special” items such as gifts that they made, drawings that they did and arts and crafts that we made together…


My missing piece for not being able to let things go was appreciation towards items.


I learned to be grateful and appreciate the memories that we created together. I could not discard all of the items, but I was able to let go of some gracefully and I am still carrying the memories associated with them. These precious memories are still in me and will stay with me forever.


Decluttering is in fact very freeing and this experience creates more space for living with calm and gratitude.


I cannot thank Yuri enough for supporting my journey of moving from California to Texas!

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