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We are a semi-numerous family: 2 parents and 3 children, boys aged 8, 10 and 12. We have accumulated a lot of "stuff" that we moved with us over the years, some since childhood.


Last year, we were getting ready to move to our dream home: a room for each child, with plenty of great storage space. My wife and I were determined to enjoy this new house without cluttering it with items we no longer used. We wanted to honour our new space and make it as elegant as possible.

In anticipation of the move, I went up to our attic to take stock and I was overcome with anxiety... I was surrounded by things that I had not used in years... DVDs, baby clothes and accessories, boxes full of children's drawings, boxes that had already been moved 3 times without being opened...Many wardrobes and cupboards in our old house were also filled with items that we hardly ever used but which we were unable to part with, or even to put away elsewhere, for lack of time and method.


I was about to give up the house of our dreams to save myself the pain of sorting and moving all these things...


Before calling the notary to cancel the sale, I called Yuri and asked her if she could help us. She immediately accepted and began supporting us 6 weeks before the move.


Under her guidance, we first made substantial savings by discarding a considerable amount of things that we did not need to move. Then, since we couldn't sort everything in 6 weeks, we continued to follow her method by sorting our things as we moved into our new house. It was very efficient: everything was sorted one by one. Each item waited its turn, then either we let it go or we found the perfect place for it in our new space.

I particularly liked Yuri's approach to sentimental objects. Forcing yourself to open the boxes and look at their contents was a fantastic experience. Not only did it take me back decades, but it allowed me to reflect on what I really treasure today.

Yuri's support had the effect of transforming our space and our relationship to things. Our house reflects our vision: we want comfort, space and convenience. We changed our way of thinking about our possessions and regained control over them. Today we are freer and happier. Thanks Yuri!

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