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My tidying experience with Yuri has been instrumental in different ways. I am grateful to her for the valuable lessons and for transforming my place to another level, one that continuously sparks joy and happiness.


Lesson number #1: You do not need to be messy to benefit from the support of a professional tidying expert. I have always been considered as a tidy and organised person, thus I never imagined how useful these sessions would be for me. Going through 4 weekends of this diligent process with Yuri, I am entirely satisfied with what we have achieved together. This is especially visible in a couple of problem areas, like my drawer and cupboard where I used to randomly stuff shopping bags. Now these areas magically transformed into my spice corner and storage for my cleaning appliances.


Lesson number #2: Even if you reassess your belongings at least yearly, if you keep storing without utilising them all, you are probably not asking yourself the correct question: “does this spark joy?”. Yuri was very gentle and helpful in supporting my decisions on what to discard and what to keep. She made me realise that only the belongings which are my absolute favourites deserve their place in my life. The rest is definitely not waste but useful for others, and Yuri was even helpful in finding the best use for what I had decided to discard.


And finally, lesson number #3: Your experience with Yuri and the insights you gain will stay with you and these are all applicable to other spaces. Following our tidying process, I reorganised my summer home using these learnings. The result was so refreshing and made me appreciate even more what I already have.

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